la Bien Aimee Wensley Worsted

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Wensley Worsted has the same yardage and thickness as Corrie Worsted, with 230 meters (250 yards) for 100g, and it is composed of 50% Falkland Corriedale, 25% Falkland Merino and 25% Wensleydale.

Just like Felix is to Helix, Wensley Worsted is the white base companion yarn to Corrie Worsted. The white base means that we can dye all our super bright colors on it.

Why Wensleydale? The Gotland in Corrie Worsted creates a beautiful dark halo, almost like Mohair. Wensleydale also has long fibers that create that same kind of halo, but on a white fiber. We also recommend mixing Corrie Worsted and Wensley Worsted, both yarns go together fabulously! They are the exact same thickness and were designed to be knit together or as substitutes for each other.


La Bien Aimée Wensley Worsted
50% Falkland Corriedale
25% Falkland Merino
25% Wensleydale
230m (250 yards) for 100g

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