Mitchell Wool Co. Taiga Sock Kits

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  • Two skeins of 250 yards 2 ply Sock - Mitchell Wool FARM GROWN Targhee/Silk yarn in NATURAL
  • One 125 yard skein of 2 ply Sock AMERICAN FIBER by Mitchell Wool FARM GROWN ROMNEY SUFFOLK yarn in NATURAL BROWN
  • One 30 yard mini skein of 2 ply Sock Mitchell Wool FARM GROWN Targhee/Silk yarn in DEEP BLUE SPRUCE
  • PRINTED COPY of the knitting pattern designed by LARKSPUR KNITS. Details can be found on her website here 

FOUR SKEINS TOTAL ARE INCLUDED, two 50g, one 25g and a mini, as well as a the printed pattern by Larkspur Knits 

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