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Making is a bi-annual themed publication of projects for knitters and makers.  This issue of No. 13 / Outside includes 12 knitting projects, 8 sewing/embroidery/quilting projects, and 1 dyeing project, too.  Projects range from household accessories, garments, rugs, and children's toys.  Knit and sewn garment patterns are sized up to fit a 60" bust measurement.  Each issue is print and includes a link to download a digital version, too. 

OUTSIDE represents an open mindset reminiscent of childhood joys brought by spring and summer days. The projects in this issue radiate a warm and playful mood inspired by bounces of light and gentle breezes on the hills, paths, and plains of our collective journey as makers.

No. 13 / OUTSIDE –
 includes projects, artwork, and poetry by Jess Lucas, Arounna Khounnoraj, Kristine Vejar, Silvia Sutters, Jessica Jeong, Cassidy Seidler, Allison Jane, Paula Pereira, Nataliya Guseva, Nicole Knutsen, Leila Raven, Susan B. Anderson, Johanna Kunin, Marie Régnier, Naama Ido, Tiffany Chen.


Join editor, photographer, and designer, Carrie Bostick Hoge of Madderon this exciting project that brings crafts people with different areas of focus to one publication.

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