Emma's Yarn Dance Floor Shawl Collection Kit


Lisa Ross is re-launching her “Dance Floor Shawl Collection” in Emma’s Yarn, and we’ve got kits! Her announcement comes February 29, and she will be offering a discount on the Dance Floor Shawl Collection patterns (follow @paperdaisycreations to see that announcement with more details Thursday)!


The “Dance Floor Shawl Collection” includes these three designs :

Pop and Lock: This easy-to-work cowl features mosaic knitting and colorful eyelets. (Req. (1) Practically Perfect Sock + (1) Practically Perfect Halves)

Swing Dance: Relaxing garter stitch pairs with slipped stitches to create this eye-catching design that is effortless to wear! (Req. (5) Practically Perfect Halves)

Electric Slide: This opulent wrap plays with colors that line dance and slide across this uniquely constructed design! Garter stitch, stockinette, and bands of lace make for a knit that’s not too complicated, but is striking to wear! (Req. (3) Practically Pertfect Sock + (5) Practically Perfect Halves)


These kit collections are available for shipment to your home or directly to your Cream City Yarn.

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