Wool Spinning Demo: An Introduction to Drop Spinning

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This class will be a great introduction to cover the basics of drop spinning. If you can whirl a top, you can spin your own yarn using a drop spindle! A very traditional and ancient craft, this spinning technique has been around for a LONG time – some of the earliest man-made artifacts are spindle whorls- made from wood, bone, and stone! A drop spindle is a versatile and portable spinning tool that with a little patience and a flick of the wrist can create exquisitely unique, handmade yarn. Using prepared wool roving and a top whorl spindle, we’ll work on putting the spindle in motion, drafting the fiber, putting twist into the fiber, and winding the fiber, and plying.
Instructor: Ellie Barbeau of Little Fern Fibers
Date: March 2 2p-4pm
*There will be some wool and spindles available for purchase. 
*Feel free to bring your own spindle if you own one
*Class supplies will be provided but are intended for class use only
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