Tube Cranking Service

** This listing is for a service, NOT a completed pair of socks.**
You give us your sock weight yarns and we will give you back a beautiful sock tube.
Then you can finish them by adding in afterthought heels, toes and cuffs.
It’s a perfect solution to hand knitting socks fast and working through that sock yarn stash of yours!
How This Works:
When I receive your yarn, I will put it on my machine and crank it into a lovely tube (with waste yarn at both ends to keep the live stitches from unraveling)
This will usually take about one week...but usually less. You can either just have the tube cranked for you or you can make arrangements with us to crank the the tube with us and we can give you some tips on picking up the stitches for cuffs, heels and toes.
The sock tubes are 64 stitches around.
Please note that we can only work with fingering weight yarns.


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