The Knitting Barber The Knitting Barber Cords

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Say goodbye to frustrating waste yarn and hello to these hollow cables. How do they work? Just press the open end of the cable on to the tip of your needle and gently slip your stitches to the cable for hold, and vice versa for placing the stitches back on to the needles! (If placing sleeves or stitches on hold to pick up later, just tie the ends until you're ready to make those stitches live again).

Can be used for sleeves or body when trying on a garment, or why not when you need an in-use needle for a new project?

Sold as a set of three cables (1 x 150 cm (60"), 2 x 75 cm (30")) in a tin box.

14 colours available: black, brown, red, orange, yellow, light green, green, light blue, blue, violet, mauve, fuchsia, pink and white

Materials: Silicone

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