Our Story

Cream City Yarn began over a cup of coffee and a knitting bag. Long-time friends, Kristine Porritt and Lisa Ruesch, decided the Brookfield and Greater Milwaukee area needed a yarn store that would offer exclusive yarns in a warm, comfortable location. They wanted to establish a business that would promote the craft of knitting and crochet and also create a community of fiber artists.

Cream City Yarn is located in an 1870’s Cream City brick schoolhouse. The building was a school until the 1950’s and was then used for several different businesses until Cream City Yarn opened in April of 2011. Cream City brick is a light, cream-colored brick that is indigenous to the southeastern Wisconsin area. Many of the older, original buildings in the Milwaukee area are made of the same brick and it has become synonymous with quality, historic buildings in the area.

The central location and warm environment, in addition to the helpful staff, have made Cream City Yarn a favorite shopping stop for yarn buyers in southeastern Wisconsin and the surrounding areas.

Before you buy, before you click the mouse, think about the impact of your purchasing choice.  You have the power to keep local brick and mortar businesses afloat.  If you like having a local yarn shop to visit, if you like being able to see and touch the yarns and get helpful advice from knowledgeable service personnel, if you like having your community benefit from tax dollars spent locally, if you like minimizing the carbon footprint left by excessive transport of goods, please buy local.