Agnes KAL- Body, Pocket Set Up & Bottom Bind Off

LisaHi Agnes KAL’ers. I’m happy to be joining our group of Anges knitters. This is a great sweater – fast, fun to knit and will be so easy to wear. I’m knitting mine in the Barolo color – a deep burgundy that I already am in love with and can’t wait to wear. I was able to cast on with the group at our Cast On Party last week. It was a fun night and great to see everyone casting on together. Thanks to Kris – she’s gotten all of you through the top of the sweater up to putting sleeve stitches on holders. She also reviewed the side shaping options and how to get ready for the pockets. I have decided to add the pockets to my sweater so I will help you through that construction.


sleeves on holder

My favorite part of knitting a top-down raglan sweater is that you can try it on as you go. You can make sure the length is right, the shaping happens at the right spot and the pockets are at the height that works for you and your body. I always have a long 40” needle or 1/8” satin ribbon on hand so I can transfer enough stitches off my main needle to allow me to try on the sweater without worrying about losing stitches off the needle. After putting the sleeves on holders, you need to knit 5” before the increase rows and pockets. When this is complete, increase rows occur before the set1up for the pockets. After trying on my sweater, I’ve decided I’m comfortable with the ease and fit so I’m not going to do increase rows. I am going to make the pockets and again, after trying on, will place the pockets where the pattern suggests. In the pattern, with the increase rows and the last row, the pockets occur 10 rows after the initial 5” knit after separating for sleeves.

joining bottomPocket Opening

To make the pocket openings, the sweater is worked flat for 4”. On the next round after the increase shaping section, knit 3 stitches beyond the side marker and slip all stitches up to 3 stitches before the other side marker on to scrap yarn or ribbon (this will be the front side of your sweater). Check the pattern to confirm the number of stitches to be held for your particular size and be sure to leave all markers in their place as you move stitches on and off needles. After putting front stitches on a holder, turn your work (you’ll be looking at the wrong side of your sweater) and purl back on the stitches remaining on the needle. Knit in stockinette until piece measures 4”, ending on a wrong side row. Break yarn and slip back stitches off the needle and on to waster yarn/ribbon.

Slip front stitches from waste yarn/ribbon back onto your needle, join new yarn and repeat the process for the front stitches, again knitting for 4” and ending after a right side row, leaving yarn attached. Count the rows you knit for the 4” on the back and knit the same amount on the front stitches. Return the back stitches to the needle, join front to back and knit to the beginning of round marker.


knit back while front on holdersBottom Ribbing and Bind Off

After the pocket opening, the bottom ribbing is started. Depending on your size, you may need to do an increase round to add stitches so you have a total stitch count divisible by 4 in order to do the K2/P2 ribbing. Continue the ribbing for 2” and bind off the bottom of the sweater. With the looser style of this sweater, a normal bind off in pattern will work just fine.

I hope you find this tutorial easy to follow. As always, if you have questions or comments, leave them below. In the meantime, we’d love to see your progress post on Instagram using #ccyagnes &  #firstsweater.


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