Bryson Yarnit by Prym Yarn Solutions

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The Yarnit is a durable Lexan globe that keeps yarn safe and protected from dirt, coffee spills, pets, small humans and accidents. Now your yarn will always stay at your side - no more chasing it across the floor or down the aisle of a plane or peeling it off a dirty floor mat or a sticky floor. No more tangled messes - the centrifugal force design means your yarn easily flows from the globe helping you maintain an even tension.

In addition, the Yarnit's special rubber base holds securely to all surfaces AND provides a storage well to keep those “never can find ‘em when you need ‘em” items like stitch markers, scissors and darning needles. Lastly, the top of the globe has needle docking slots to keep your needle tips protected and stitches safe on your line when you are taking a break or on the move.

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