Thread and Maple Nook Basket

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We're very excited to introduce the first in our new line of knitting storage baskets. We went through countless iterations in designing these, some of which were pretty outrageous. Our mission was simple: integrate the art of knitting into the home with function and style. Well, now that I say it, it's not so simple!

As any knitter knows, an unfinished project carries with it a certain trail of chaos... Needles, stray stitch markers, strings of yarn, and those darning needles that seem to grow feet and walk off any time you turn away for just a second. We embarked on a journey to design a beautiful storage solution for in-progress knitting and crochet projects, that you could leave right out in the open on your coffee table.

Thread and Maple came up with the new Nook Baskets. An elegant woven cotton rope basket with beautiful accents, available in leather & cork. We offer a version with magnets under the lid, that allow you to stick your essential notions in their matching notions cases neatly under.

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