Farmers Daughter Fibers Moon Sisters

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From Farmer's Daughter Fibers: Moon Sisters is a celebration of our celestial anchor, the light when all else is dark, and the force that ties all women together, making us sisters. As we searched for the right colorways and bases for Moon Sisters, we quickly realized we were missing that…well… sparkle.

This blend of Superwash Merino (75%), Nylon (20%), and Bronze Stellina (5%) is the perfect way for us to represent our vision. Our unique earthy tones combined with just the right amount of classy bronze sparkle leave even the non-glitter fans out there craving some. The fiber is soft and cushy with enough strength for socks, drape for shawls, and definition for colorwork yokes. An all around special yarn! 428 yards/100g

*without artificial lighting our camera system does not always pick up the stellina in Moon Sisters. At this point we think the color accuracy is a higher priority than picking up the sparkles.

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