Knitted Wit Knitted Wit HerStory Victory Sock

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2021 has been a year already, y'all! So much change and upset and strife and progress. Ups and downs and all arounds have abounded this year so far. Our heads have been spinning, sometimes happily, and sometimes in horror.

During HerStory 2020, KnittedWit wanted to honor women who were the first to do this or the first to accomplish that, both for the very real spearheading they did, but also, (and maybe even more importantly), for the opportunities they uncovered for others by being the first to _____. 
January 2020- Junko Tabei "Great Heights"
February 2020- Bessie Coleman "Queen Bess"
March 2020 - Libby Riddles "Mush"
April 2020- Zahadi Kazmi "Paxi"
May 2020 -Janet Guthrie "Vroom Vroom"
June 2020- Sophie Blanchard "Up, Up and Away!"
July 2020 - Dr. Susan LaFlesche Picotte "Omaha"
August 2020- Madam C.J. Walker- "Beauty Culture"
September 2020- Yalitza Aparicio- "Indigenous Excellence"
October 2020 - Cristeta Comerford "Para Sa Chef"
November 2020 - Wilma Mankiller "Being of Good Mind"
December 2020- Mauree Turner "Finding Hope"

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