Jamieson & Smith Da Crofters Kep Kit

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The Shetland Wool Week patron for two years running, Wilma Malcolmson, had the somewhat daunting task of designing the much-anticipated Wool Week hat for a second time, but she has achieved this with another artfully blended creation, which she has named ‘Da Crofter’s Kep’.

Wilma said: “Tammy Fraser, my father, was a crofter who worked the land throughout his life. Although this involved long days, difficult times and many struggles, I know that he loved what he did and I remember the great pride he had in his achievements.

“So, just as ‘Katie’s Kep’ is a tribute to my mother and all the knitters like her, ‘Da Crofter’s Kep’ is my way of honouring the people who work the land here in Shetland. For generations, and in all weathers, their commitment to their land and livestock has ensured that families are provided for and this special way of life has not been lost. Without them there would be no Shetland sheep, no wool and no yarn … imagine that!

“I was honoured to be asked to stay on as the SWW patron for a second year and design another hat. It has been quite overwhelming to see how many of the ‘Katie’s Kep’ have been knitted by so many people from all around the world. I hope everyone enjoys knitting Da Crofter’s Kep and I look forward to seeing them all.”

We know sometimes picking colors is a daunting task so we placed our resident color expert, Cait, in front of our Jamieson & Smith Wall to make kits. Cait picked out 5 kit options that hopefully has something for everyone. 

Paper Copy of the Pattern Included with the kit. It you would like the PDF of the pattern you can download your copy HERE!

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