CCY Sock Club


Join Nicole for some Fall Sock Knitting!

We will be meeting on Thursdays & Sundays from 11-12 on Zoom (You can do either Thursdays or Sundays, or both if you want).

Members of sock club will receive the following:

*Exclusive access to our Zoom meetings

*Preview of new yarns and notions related to the designated sock pattern

*10% discount codes for your sock club supplies

Upon registering we will email the Zoom Meeting ID and Passwords and a discount to use in our ECOMM store. (You can also stop by the shop and shop in person.)

Our first sock will be Second Breakfast by SockWitchery. You can use any sock yarn for this pattern. In October we will be doing The One Sock. A new pattern for a basic sock by The Fibre Co. using a new yarn called Amble. In November we will explore the Afterthought Heel with Holiday themed yarn.

*We encourage you to use yarns purchased at Cream City Yarn for CCY sock club, but if you'd like to use other yarns that's totally fine as long as tell you what it is and why you love it!

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