Thread and Maple Boundless Bag

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We called this The Boundless Bag, because it has become our most used tote, travelling from city to countryside to beach, its versatility is truly boundless! Originally designed as a knitting project bag, it unzips at both sides to lay near-flat to serve as a delicate bed for your large project while knitting on the go. Its ability to unfurl like this is extremely practical when searching for a small item within and the zips give it a stylish flair to boot!

Inside, you will find an ample zip pocket for your notions or small accessories, as well as two slip pockets for your phone and wallet. It closes with discreet snaps both ways, so that you can cinch it lengthwise for a more compact dumpling shape.

We've created this design in two different colours, each a different type of leather. The Chocolate is made from the same premium matte velvety leather as our Notions Clutch. This leather is naturally thicker, giving the reinforced bottom more structure. This version nods casual luxury and develops its own character, as the leather has natural variegation and ages like a fine wine. A definite head-turner!

Meanwhile, the Almond is an iridescent pebbled leather, more svelte and malleable, decidedly more accepting of rigorous wear and tear. It has a consistency to its coloration, easily wipes clean and doesn't show marks or scratches. For moms on the go, this is definitely the everyday tote. Even when packed with diapers and soiled bibs, this bag will keep you calm and cool - and looking fabulous!

Choosing the right one for you is an entirely personal choice. We would urge you to consider not just the colour, but your style and intended use of this tote. If you're after a luxury boho style, welcome a more characteristic leather, or simply want to match your Notions Clutch, the Chocolate is for you. On the other hand, if you've got little ones with sticky hands and need a more forgiving tote, the Almond will be your trusty companion on your everyday adventures.


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