German Short Rows

Thanks to Joanne for her comment on my last Short Row post talking about German Short Rows. I’ve been practicing them and did a couple rows on my swatch that I’ve used during the CA. They are easy and quicker than the Wrap & Turn method. I am happy to show them to anyone that’s interested. Stop in the shop and I can explain it – it’s also on YouTube so search there.

Speaking of swatches, I have carried a small end skein of fingering weight yarn and some extra size 6 needles around in my CA project bag – it’s been invaluable!! I’ve used it quite a few times during the CA to try stitches, see whether I should do the YOs, trying short rows, etc. I highly recommend having a swatch nearby when you’re working on new patterns with new techniques – SO handy to have it there when you want to practice something or try new stitches before you do them on the actual garment.

Another tip for my CA friends…….enjoy the weekend, everyone. Might be a good one to stay inside, enjoy some AC and work on your CA!!!

Relax, sit and knit….Lisa

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