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Anniversary E- Class is an online class that is accessible at any time that is convenient for you. This class will provide detailed instruction in blog format and will include pictures, videos and tutorial links. If you would like to learn more about The Anniversary E-Class, click “Read More” below for more information and to register. This E-Class will start  on Wednesday. January 10, 2017

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Iceland is a mere 10 hours away on a direct flight. We are anxious to travel there someday, but in the meantime we will knit (and fall in love with) Lopi sweaters. The traditional construction is very basic: knitted in-the-round from the bottom-up. The yarn itself is perfect for colorwork. A lightly twisted single, it blooms so much with blocking, the stitches practically melt together. As a relative beginner to stranded knitting, I found Lopi colorwork to be very forgiving and lots of fun, too! Even though Lopi yarn may seem rough to the touch compared to yarn made from other fibers, it softens a great deal with washing and blocking. Both the outercoat and undercoat of the animal is blended to make the yarn. I think it’s like having the best of both worlds! The fine undercoat blooms while the longer fiber of the outercoat gives the yarn a ruggedness that makes it very long-wearing and durable. The resulting sweater is extremely lightweight and incredibly warm!

*This class requires supplies to be purchased from Cream City Yarn

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